Fall of the Gods

Kinley Fiederweizz - Day 1

Possible Cindareal Arrival

Day 224, Year 1290

Experiment #224

Failure. Whilst analyzing the chemical reaction of abnasium and correlium, experiment #222, having been left on the counter for a period of 68 hours, generated a toxic, extremely odorous life-form. As I was intently fixated on the analysis at hand, I heard not the bubbling and oozing from atop the flask. Upon noticing the wretched stench, I immediately turned round to see the nasty bugger drinking experiment #223. That bastard. I was on the brink of a new discovery, then he had to go about wrecking everything I’ve worked on in this godforsaken hell called Chaleton. That smell… it was terrible. A green haze billowed from the creature, quickly filling every crevice in my lab, and inducing extreme nausea. Overwhelmed, there was no time to gather my belongings and I hastily vacated the flat, and besides most of it was junk anyway. It woulda been nice to sell some of it off… but wish I had time to get the fermenting equipment… I made some damn fine ale.

Journal Entry

Met an elf today. Was catching my breath when the dolt asked if I had an invisibility potion to sell. Guess she didn’t see me running from the lab, sweaty like an ogre’s armpits. I replied that would trade for gold, as my lab was ruined and would need to purchase new materials. Unfortunately she had none. As we conversed, a large fireball streaked across the sky, accompanied by a thunderous explosion as it landed near the mountains.

The object was no ordinary meteor, as it cast an unusual glowing aura as it traveled across our atmosphere. Recalling my previous research, I determined this bears resemblance to other occurrences involving Cindareal and decided to investigate. I can’t miss the opportunity to meet CINDAREAL! Hell, NOBODY, can. Saw a burly human run towards the fireball, followed by this delicious looking mermaid, oh, and that elf too. started running that direction too but I’m short and don’t move too good. So, I did the only thing that makes sense. Asked the elf for a piggy-back ride. She said no, the snob. So, I tried to strike a deal. I said I’d trade that invisibility potion if she’d help me wrangle that mermaid so I could make some seafood. I don’t know if it’d be any good, but she sure was sparkly and I was mighty hungry. She said no again and apparently the fish heard me talking about it. She spouted off something, I don’t know what, I wasn’t paying attention, then she kept on her way.

I decided to remain near the elf as a companion would be appreciated for the trek. Should not be long now.


Kinley Fiederweizz



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